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Building Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive and Accessible Workplaces for People with Disabilities

Research reveals that approximately 25% of adults have a disability. Despite the progress disabled people have made in and out of the workplace, there is still more we can do to ensure that workplaces are equitable and fully inclusive of employees with disabilities.

That is why SHRM, in collaboration with the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) at the U.S. Department of Labor and ABLE today, has launched the 2023 Disability Inclusion Pledge to give HR professionals and business executives the tools they need to build better workplaces for disabled workers.

2023 Disability Inclusion Pledge Logo

Why Take the Pledge?

By promoting diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplaces for people with disabilities, HR professionals can lead the discussion on this critical topic and benefit from the skills and talents of workers with disabilities while directly contributing to major long-term business objectives, including:

  • Low turnover rates, medical expenses, and time off for people with disabilities compared to employees without disabilities.

  • More innovative, diverse, and inclusive workplaces.

  • Building a more skilled workforce.

  • Comprehensive DEIA strategies.

  • Reaching a large untapped talent pool.

  • Opportunities for federal and state tax incentives.

Step 1:

Take the Pledge to Promote Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive

and Accessible Workplaces for People with Disabilities

Step 2:

Showcase your commitment by sharing the “I Signed the Pledge”

badge in your email signature, on your organization’s website,

and social media using the hashtag #PledgeInclusion.

Step 3:

Build Your Organization’s
Disability Employment DEIA Plan with Resources from:

Workplace Accommodations

Perspectives Matter

Hiring and Recruitment

Advancing Equity

Ensuring Accessibility

Take the Pledge and Drive Change for Inclusive Workplaces

“For 75 years, SHRM and its partners have driven change and promoted equitable workplaces for all workers. We are proud of our longstanding partnership with ODEP, and we welcome ABLE today as we reaffirm our dedication to increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The 2023 Disability Inclusion Pledge is an opportunity for HR professionals and employers to be changemakers by building and promoting truly equitable and inclusive workplaces for workers with disabilities.”

Emily M. Dickens
Chief of Staff & Head of Public Affairs

Fostering an Accessible and Fully Inclusive Workforce

“Alliances with organizations such as SHRM are of tremendous value. As we work together to advance supportive, equitable and inclusive workplaces for everyone—including those with disabilities—our partnership helps us expand our reach and equip more HR managers with resources to help them meet their inclusion goals. We encourage employers and HR managers everywhere to take the Disability Inclusion Pledge and continue fostering an accessible and fully inclusive workforce.”

Taryn Williams
Assistant Secretary
Office of Disability Employment Policy
U.S. Department of Labor

Take the Pledge, and Signal Your Commitment to Inclusive Workplaces

People with disabilities represent the third largest market segment in the United States. Research demonstrates that hiring from this group of creative people does not just recognize untapped talent but adds value to the workplace and its bottom-line and is a proactive step to understanding and meeting this expanding customer base. Taking a pledge is your first step to signaling your commitment to diversity that includes individuals who will enrich your workforce with their different strengths and experience.”

Wendi Safstrom
Executive Director
SHRM Foundation

People with Disabilities are Ready, Willing, and Able to Work!

“People with disabilities are ready, willing and able to work! ABLE today is thrilled to partner with SHRM, ODEP and the larger employer community on the 2023 Disability Inclusion Pledge. Our goal through this partnership is not only to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities in our workforce but also educate employees [with disabilities] and their caregivers about ABLE accounts and how employers can offer ABLE Account benefits in a workplace to promote disability inclusion and recruit new talent.”

Sara Hart Weir
National Disability Activist & Senior Advisor
ABLE today

New Mexico SHRM & Best Buddies Partnership Promotes Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Work.

Best Buddies in New Mexico is enthused by the synergy that is formed from our SHRM connection, and we are grateful for the support we receive with starting new friendship chapters in various parts of our state as well as in securing integrated employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Nathan Reiman
Director, State Operations & Programs
Best Buddies International